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About Schlumberger

Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services company supplying technology, information solutions, and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger supplies a wide range of products and services from seismic acquisition and processing; formation evaluation; well testing and directional drilling to well cementing and stimulation; artificial lift and well completions; and consulting, software, and information management. The company is also involved in the groundwater extraction and carbon capture and storage industries.

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> Video on Schlumberger's Reservoir Technology

Values, Conduct and behaviour
Making the most of the unique assets, Schlumberger is committed to providing services that enhance and optimise customers' performance. Three well-established company values that focus on people, technology and profit underpins Schlumberger's work.

  1. Our people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to safety and customer service worldwide is our greatest strength.
  2. Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage.
  3. Our determination to produce superior profits is the cornerstone for our future independence of action and growth.

Work Culture and Workforce Diversity
One of the greatest strengths of Schlumberger is the diversity of its workforce, with men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives. Schlumberger does not have a 'nationality' which describes its culture, but operates in a truly global fashion throughout the world. As a company, it encourages fair employment practices worldwide and offers equal opportunities to all employees.

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A Day in the Life of Schlumberger Field Engineer, Omar!

Schlumberger Lifestyle

Schlumberger in Singapore

In 2006, Schlumberger officially opened its Schlumberger Singapore Artificial Lift Product Center at its existing premises at Benoi Crescent in Jurong, expanding its parameters by nearly 50 per cent. The facility is responsible for manufacturing Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) systems, both fully assembled units as well as parts for service and repair of ESPs, for the oil and gas industry worldwide. This expansion adds a third building, additional machinery and equipment to increase the production of ESP systems.

April 2011 newsletter from Schlumberger - Singapore Integration Center

Singapore is one of the world's leaders in the construction of jack-up oil rigs and the conversion of Floating Production Storage and Offloading platforms, with a dominant share of more than 70 per cent. Singapore hosts the largest base of oil and gas equipment manufacturing companies in Asia. Last year, the combined output of the offshore and oilfield equipment sectors grew by an impressive 68 per cent in 2005 to hit a record high of S$4 billion (US$2.56 billion).

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