Gas Lift System

1. Introduction to Gas Lift System

- An economical artificial lift solution for high-liquid, low-gas wells.
- Injects compressed gas into the well to re-establish pressure, making it produce.
- Even when a well is flowing without artificial lift, it is likely to be using a natural form of 'gas lift'.

2. Manufacturing a Gas Lift System

At Schlumberger, the company is involved in the construction of Gas Lift Systems for oil exploration. The building of a Gas Lift System involves the following steps:
  • Producing parts of mandrels
  • Welding of the parts together
  • Grinding to smoothen the surface
  • Hot straightening to straighten the mandrel
  • Heat treatment to adjust the properties of the mandrel
  • Cold straightening
  • Testing
  • Threading
  • Coating with manganese phosphate to prevent galling
  • Painting of the mandrel.

3. How Gas Lift System Works

  • Works by pumping high-pressure methane into the oil reservoir
  • High-pressure methane mixes with the oil and density of the oil decreases
  • This reduces the back pressure and relatively increases the pressure at the oil reservoir
  • Difference in pressure between the surface and the oil reservoir causes the oil to move up
  • Mixture is passed through a separator and the methane gas can be reused

external image HIW_lift_work_4.jpg