Potential Project/ACE Ideas

All students in HCI have to complete an Independant Studies (IS) module, which counts as 1 Academic Unit (AU) in the Hwa Chong curriculum. The IS module consists of two main portions. Firstly, there is the Activities for Curriculum Enrichment (ACE), which accounts for 30% of the the IS module. Secondly, there is the Research Projects component, which accounts for 70% of the IS module.

ACE Projects
  1. Students in HCI could investigate about the scientific concepts behind the Electronic Submersible Pumps (ESPs) created by Schlumberger. A report that explains clearly the working principles of the induction motor used could be a suitable final product that would require the student to merge their knowledge of electromagnetic induction with an industrial product.
  2. Students in HCI could research more about the how the Gas Lift Systems that Schlumberger specialises in so as to increase their exposure to how the oil industry as a whole works.
  3. Students in HCI could research more about the Gauge systems created by Schlumberger and find out about the accelerometer used in the gauge systems
  4. Students in HCI could research more about the Gauge systems created by Schlumberger and find out about the thermocouples used in the gauge systems
  5. Students in HCI could research more about how the special high temperature sensors used by Schlumberger are manufactured.

Research Projects
  1. Students could investigate and come up with various ways to reduce the production of scrap metal in the foundry run by Schlumberger.
  2. As the amount of safety stock to keep has been a big problem for Schlumberger so far, students might like to come up with a mathematical model to predict accurately an appropriate amount of safety stock that needs to be maintained.
  3. A virtual library of vibration signals could be compiled that would allow engineers in the oil-fields to identify accurately dangerous down-hole conditions that could be detrimental to the pump performance to enable a much more rapid response
  4. A machine could be created to automate the long and tedious process of straightening the motor shafts and casings (Tan Jing Long)
  5. Minimisation of formation of eddy currents to reduce energy loss as heat, thus increasing the efficiency of the motor.
  6. Further improvement of the manufacturing process using the Lean system.
  7. Automation of the motor winding process could be carried out
  8. New uses for slag could be investigated so as to improve the cost efficiency of the foundry
  9. Study of emission of flue gas from the foundry and strategies to minimise the pollutants in accordance to ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards
  10. Investigate alternative application of sand that are too fine to be reused and was lost in the foundry in the dust collectors
  11. Study of parameters that affect properties(eg tensile strength, porosity etc) in order to minimise fatigue failure of pumps